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SILVER HEART - Setting: Whistler

Whistler is one of my favorite winter getaways, so it’s no surprise that it served as a perfect setting for a love story featuring one hot snowboarder!

Though most aspects of my novel’s setting are purely fictional, many locations featured in Silver Heart were inspired by this winter wonderland town and its many unique activities.

Whistler Village

Whistler has always been a hotspot for winter getaways, and it made its mark on the world of sport during the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Shopping, bars, restaurants, clubs—Whistler has it all. Although Silver Heart’s characters stay at a fictional resort and visit fictional bars and clubs, many of those places are modeled after various types of accommodation and entertainment venues found within the Whistler Village.

Thanks to Dylan’s best friend’s wealthy client, the girls have a lavish chalet all to themselves for an entire week!

“The third floor window has a great view of the ski hills. In turn, we have the perfect view of a group of sexy snowboarders tearing up the night runs.” – Maddie Evans.

“I didn’t know this would be such a party place,” Maddie said as we pulled into the driveway. “Since we’re not staying in the main village I thought we’d have to trek for miles to get to all the fun stuff, but it looks like our entertainment is covered for the entire week.”

Skiing and Snowboarding

Whistler-Blackcomb is a hotspot for skiers and snowboarders of all ages and levels. There are so many different runs to explore and conquer. The resort also boasts three glaciers (yikes!), terrain parks and half pipes, heli-skiing, and so much more!

Uhh…I swear I’m not trying to sell you a timeshare to this place!

Dylan tries her best to learn to snowboard, with some very “interesting” results. But I’ll let you read about those adventures for yourself. For now, here are some teasers.

For me, snowboarding and failure went hand in hand. I’d tried to conquer my fear of it numerous times before, and the only thing I’d succeeded in was getting various bruises on my knees, butt, and the heels of my hands. – Dylan Silver

“One more run, Silver,” Sawyer said, placing his hand over mine. “I promise to deliver you back to Maddie in one piece. And maybe even buy you dinner on the way home.”

“You mean breakfast,” I corrected him. “By the time I get down again it’ll be tomorrow morning!”

“If I’m buying you breakfast it’ll be for reasons that have nothing to do with snowboarding,” he whispered in my ear, sending a rush of warmth through me.

Bungee Jumping

You read that correctly! A 53-metre/160-foot drop from a bridge overlooking a river. Summer and winter/day and night jumps. Need I say more?

Would you be brave enough to try this?

Sawyer thinks Dylan is, prompting some moments.

Not to mention fun quotes:

Bungee Jumping?! Are you freaking insane?”
Sawyer grinned. “Total loss of control,” he said huskily.
“More like total loss of mind,” I shot back.

“Let’s go, Silver. Time to live a little.”
“Or die a lot.”

“Panda up, baby,” he whispered in my ear. “And don’t let go.”


I forced my eyes to stay open as my feet left the platform, indulging every one of my senses in the thrill of the ride. A blur of green, brown, and white spilled out below me; streams of blue and white flowed above me.

The air was sharper and fresher at such a high altitude. The smell of pine needles and ice reminded me of Sawyer. As always, it both warmed my insides and filled me with pleasurable shivers. Inhaling deeply, I let the scent wash over my skin, filling my lungs with the crispness of the nature around us.

Peak to Peak Gondola

I believe that this is a fairly new attraction: a gondola ride between the Whistler and Blackcomb peaks. It travels around 3 miles in 10 minutes, offering beautiful views of the mountain vista. This particular location does play a brief, but important role in Silver Heart.

“This ride is three miles long. That means that you’re all mine for the next ten minutes. In that amount of time, I’m going to make you realize that you should be mine even after that.” – Sawyer Carter

Let’s just say…what happens in the gondola, stays in the gondola. ;)

Hope you enjoyed learning about the inspiration behind Silver Heart’s setting! Please note that I am in no way affiliated with Whistler (I know, I know—I paint such a pretty picture of the resort that you want to go right now and find your very own Sawyer!) All of the places mentioned in the book are used for purely fictional purposes.

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