Tuesday, August 6, 2013

SILVER HEART - Sale, Song, and Giveaway

Since Silver Heart's release, I have been so touched by the outpour of support from readers and bloggers. It makes me absolutely ecstatic to hear that you loved the story and these characters I grew to care about so deeply!

I know that many of you have done various things to help spread the word about Sawyer and Silver (thank you, thank you, thank you!) I also definitely know that we all love bargain books. Therefore, I wanted to keep the Silver Heart $0.99 sale going for as long as possible! You have until August 8th - Midnight EST to purchase the book at the less-than-a-buck discount before it goes up to its regular price. I'm a huge $0.99 book nerd (maybe even an addict), so I hope that you'll join me in embracing the deal and telling others about it. Happy reading!

There's also a $20.00 Amazon/Book Depository gift card giveaway happening right now (courtesy of superhero blogger Evie!) You should definitely run over to her page to thank her and enter right away.

Another piece of fun news: amazing blogger Jessirae included the perfect song for Silver Heart in her review. It just makes me melt! For those of you who've read the book - what do you think? Isn't this Sawyer & Silver?! <3

I'm putting together a reader-inspired Silver Heart playlist, so if you connect certain songs to characters, scenes, or the book itself, let me know (comment, Tweet, email) and I'll make sure to add them in and credit you.

"Winter Air" - Annasay

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