Thursday, August 8, 2013

CHAT - *Getting It*


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I love writing and would continue writing for the rest of my life even if no one ever read a single word. However, sharing the worlds and characters I love so dearly with others is such a special, intimate privilege, and I’m grateful to be able to do this with you!

One of the most exhilarating, touching, and humbling things for an author is when a reader just *gets* their book. The feelings go hand-in-hand with the overall process of crafting the story very closely. I feel extremely honored when readers get exactly what I was trying to portray or how I meant a certain character/scene to come off.

At the same time, I’m a big believer of Edmund Wilson’s quote: "No two persons ever read the same book." I understand that not everyone will always *get it* or read my words in the particular way I intended. And that’s okay. That’s what makes the act of creating so beautiful! And sometimes scary.

Last night, I received such an amazing review of Silver Heart that I felt like I needed to say a public thank you to this particular reader (and all of the other readers who take the time to read my work – even the ones who may not always *get it*.)

So thank you, thank you, thank you! You rock my socks. And shoes. And…pants? (Too far? Yeah…)

On a side note, I should probably say that I don’t spend time searching for reviews that aren’t directly linked to me (through email, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) as I’m a big believer that authors shouldn’t hover over their readers unless they’re invited to join the party! In part because I’m not always going to like what everyone has to say (and sometimes negative reviews can hinder future creative process), but mostly because readers and bloggers have the right to interpret my books in any way they wish and should be at liberty to write reviews without worrying that I’m going to stalk them. (Don’t worry, I’m too busy stalking imaginary book boys and my favorite TV show characters—hello, Dean and Jax—to have time for anything else.) But this review popped up in my feed and had such a great opening I couldn’t not peek. I may have even *squeed* and *eeked* a little. Because they *got it*. Every single little thing.

So what does a reader *getting it* do for me as an author? (Aside from making me insanely happy that I’m forced to blog about it, of course.) It fuels my creative process and sets a fire under my fingers. It makes me write more…faster…better. It encourages me to bring everything I have to the work that I do, even if some of those things may be scary and personal. Because someone out there will *get it*.

I’m currently working on a few projects, one of which is taking longer than I expected and will not be announced for a while. Mostly because there was something missing from the story. I was afraid to push a personal boundary in fear that it may be too personal, too revealing, too scary. But readers like this make me realize that it’s worth to take those risks. So over the next week, I will be reworking that story to include this particular missing piece of the puzzle that will make my character much more real and whole. And it was all inspired by one review for a completely different book on an entirely different topic. Huh! Pretty cool, right?

*Don’t worry, this one incident doesn’t mean that I will be stalking any future reviews. :)

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