Monday, July 29, 2013

SILVER HEART - Bonus Scene Teaser & News

I'm nervously awaiting the release of Silver Heart so that I can share the love with you guys!

And, if my email messages are any indication, so are you!

Which makes me very excited.

And extremely nervous.

But mostly excited.

I've been receiving some wonderful feedback from bloggers who had signed up for Beta reads and ARCs, which makes me—you guessed it—even more excited! I'm basically a ball of quivering nerves.

And unlike Dylan (that lucky girl!), my excitement has nothing to do with Sawyer. Don't worry, you guys do come in a very close second to him. ;)

I've had final word on when you should be able to purchase the book: July 30th, 2013!

Since I made you wait longer than originally planned for the release, instead of sitting around and biting my nails and drinking lots of coffee and eating tons of chocolate, I decided to write in a bonus sexy scene—one that wasn't even in the ARCs! (I did eat tons of chocolate while I did this, though...)

Here is a tiny teaser (if you've read the ARC you'll know where it fits): 

“Another skirt,” he murmured, edging his way under the fabric. “I like it. But these stockings gotta go. Unless you want me to rip them off again.”

I kind of did. But I obeyed his request and helped him remove them. Once they were off, I slipped my feet back into my boots and off the cold floor.

Sawyer’s eyes drank in my bare legs as he treated me to a sultry smile. “Much better.” Sinking on the bench behind him, he reached out to grab my waist. “Come here.”

“You’re quite demanding today,” I said, slightly surprised by the intensity in his voice.

Not that I was complaining. Sawyer’s impatient hunger for me was more than a turn-on.

“We have five minutes before you send me packing, Silver,” he warned. “The more time we waste, the less time I’ll have to do this…”

His right hand drifted down my hip to the inside of my thigh. Scaling up my heated skin, he looped one finger through the bottom of my panties and pulled me closer.

The End - Well, for now...;)

Who wants a snowboarding lesson from Sawyer?! Tweet @vg_writes with the hashtag #SexySnowboarderSawyer and tell me why! I'll pick one random Tweet to win an Amazon copy of Silver Heart the moment it's live!

As always, thank you for your patience and support! Make sure to sign up for the release email HERE and you'll get a personal email from me with the buy link the second it's available!

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